Hunter Pro-C Manual

Imagine a scenario with me. You opened up your wallet and poured out a bunch of money for an irrigation system so that you would have total control over watering your yard and plants. Or maybe you didn’t even have the irrigation system installed, yourself. Maybe you just bought the house, partly because the realtor mentioned that it has an automatic watering system.

That sounded awfully convenient at the time. Nobody wants to get all tangled up, dragging a hose and manual yard sprinkler around the yard. That would be both boring and frustrating — and worse, it’s WASTEFUL! When you turn on a hose sprinkler and walk away, you are nearly guaranteeing that you will forget that you turned it on in the first place, and you will end up wasting hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.

How to Replace a Broken Sump Pump

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like the idea of your basement flooding. If you’re nothing like me, you do like the idea of your basement flooding. I don’t know why you would like to have a flooded basement. Maybe you’re an eternal optimist, and you just can’t help but look on the bright side. If this is you, you will probably hate this article because a working sump pump would mean losing your free basement swimming pool at the very height of the summer heat. If you are currently loving your life — floating past your washer and dryer on an inflatable pool raft, drinking a mojito, and catching up on the latest Stephen King thriller — please disregard the following information, which will not be helpful at all for you. But if you are a boring asshole who just wants a dry basement, and has a broken sump pump, please read on.